Mindful Parenting

Next course February 2019

4 sessions over 4 consecutive Saturdays, 2 1/2hrs each session  10am – 12:30pm

Cost: $160 per person, $260 for couples

Location: Black Hill, NSW (30 mins from Newcastle, 20 mins from Maitland)

In his book ‘The Trauma of Everyday Life’, Psychiatrist Mark Epstein talks about the need for parents to meet children with attunement and responsiveness in their ups and downs, to support them in processing and releasing pain, and in savoring and taking in the good.

In this course we will practice empathic attunement and responsiveness, using Nonviolent Communication. We will look at our patterns of parenting and learn strategies for working with the thoughts, feelings and reactions that can create disconnection, rather than attunement with our kids. For example, what happens in you, and what do you do next when you hear a “NO!”? What are options in responding when our child tells us they are in huge pain? What can we say to let our child know that we really ‘get’ why they feel so good about what just happened? 

Some Feedback

“Hi Kara, Just wanted to let you know Ben & I really enjoyed the session on Sunday and felt like we both got so much out of it.  Your energy is incredibly inspiring.

I have become more aware of the way I communicate and react in various situations, and am working on recognising that all needs are equal and using better strategies to get all needs met respectfully.  It will be a habit-changing process, but the first step is in place!  Thank you.”

Please register your attendance by contacting Kara:

karamatheson392@gmail.com or 0406 520 027

Read more about Mindful Parenting here. 

“Making any change, let alone change in our parenting, can be deeply challenging. Yet there is no path more nourishing for our hearts, our spirits, and our hopes for the world.”

Inbal Kashtan, Director, Peaceful Families, Peaceful World Project.


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