Kara Matheson


Kara’s courses in Mindfulness and Empathy Skills draw on her training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Mindful Self-Compassion, and Nonviolent Communication.

“Mindfulness skills help with attention, self-awareness, and self-regulation. Learning empathy skills helps you to understand both your inner world and that of others, helping you to navigate relationships with kindness and compassion.” Kara

Kara has been teaching Languages and Communication to adults and children for close to 20 years. She has worked as a permanent teacher at Sydney TAFE for over 17 years, developing skills in curriculum design, teaching adults with varying levels of education and various learning styles, and working as a reflective practitioner.

Kara brings a unique combination of experience and training to her mindfulness teaching (further details below).

In 2015 Kara will be teaching:

Kara can be contacted at kara@ed21c.com or on 0406 520 027

You can read Kara’s blog, Mindful Musings, here: http://ed21c.com/mindful-musings/

Teaching Experience

Permanent Teacher, Sydney TAFE, Languages Section (1998 – present)

One Day Workshop, UTS Faculty of Health Academic Staff – An Introduction to Mindfulness and Mindful Communication (2014)

Guest Lecturer, University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Masters of Midwifery Subject: Building Resilience for Mothers and Midwives (2012 & 2013)

 Mindful Kids Courses (2011 – present)

Mindful Parenting Courses (2011 – present)


BA, Grad Dip Ed (Macquarie University)  Grad. Cert. TESOL (UNSW)

Cert. 4 Workplace Training and Assessment (Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE)

MBSR Teacher Training (Openground)

Prerequisites for this training:

– engage regularly in a personal meditation practice and have retreat experience. This retreat experience needs to be a silent, 5 -10 residential, teacher-led retreat.
– have a hatha yoga practice
– have a professional background which involves working with people (in a clinical, educational or communications area)
– have attended an eight week MBSR or MBCT program with an experienced teacher.

Mindful Schools Curriculum Training

Mindfulness in Schools .b Teacher Training

MBSR for Kids Teacher Training (Still Quiet Place, Dr Amy Saltzman)

Mindfulness Based Self-Compassion Training

Mindful Life – Brain Based teaching of Mindfulness for Children and Teens (Kristen Race PhD)

NVC Parent Peer Leadership Program (PPLP) (BayNVC and CNVC)

Path of Freedom (MBEI in Prisons) Kate Crisp and Fleet Maull

Starlight Fairy Day 033 Accepting What Is: even when change happens (welcome or unwelcome, small or large), things fall apart, people don’t come through, or calamities take place in the world, I want to remain open to life. If I find myself contracting away from life or drawn to ideas about what should happen, I want to seek support to find a sense of peace with unmet needs, and to choose responses and actions from clarity about how I want to interact with and respond to life.”  Miki Kashtan, a Non-Violent Communication teacher with whom Kara has trained.