Mindful Movement

12208795_10153725044976303_3298439329580395614_nMonday Mornings, 8.30 – 10am
Mindful Movement, Breath and Meditation

Thursday Evenings, 5.30 – 6.45pm
Moving Toward Emotional Balance*,

Commencing Thursday 20th July

Thursday Evenings, 7.00 – 8.30pm
Yin and Mindfulness Meditation

Saturday Mornings, 8.30 – 10am
Mindful Movement, Breath and Meditation
Commencing Saturday 15th July

All classes are limited to 10 participants to enable individual attention. Bookings essential. Investment: $22 Full/$19 Concession – Casual Visit ($120 Full/$102 Concession for 6 weeks)

Mindful Movement, Breath and Meditation is a wonderful way to start the week, bringing body, heart and mind into balance and dedicating some time/space to rewiring our neural pathways for the benefit of ourselves and others. This class includes gentle Hatha Yoga, Relaxation, Pranayama and Meditation.

Moving Toward Emotional Balance*
 incorporates Trauma Aware and Restorative Yoga principles to help participants reconnect with their breath and bodies in the present moment and learn tools to self-regulate the nervous system. I offer the basic principles of mindfulness practice and how it can help us to feel more resilient in the face of stress, pain, illness, depression or anxiety.

Yin utilises long-held, sustained, passive postures to stretch and strengthen the less elastic (more brittle) tissues of the body (particularly the fascia, which shrink wraps around the joint sites) as well as remove blockages. Chinese medical practitioners and yogis have for centuries known that holding postures for longer periods (3-5 minutes in this class) facilitates the free flow of life force energy throughout our body which results in increased physical health and longevity as well as enhanced emotional and mental wellbeing. This class focuses on postures which create space in the hips, knees and lower back, allowing us to sit more comfortably in Mindfulness Meditation (for 20-30 minutes at the end of class).

All classes are at Hunter Dementia and Memory Resource Centre, 2 Percy Street, Hamilton, 2303. Please bring a mat, 1-2 blankets or towels, meditation cushion (alternately chairs are available) – bolsters, blankets, blocks and eye cushions provided.

*This six-week series of small group classes (6 – 12 people) would be well suited to anyone who is suffering from stress, physical pain, emotional pain (including depression and anxiety), injury, recent surgery, disability or struggling with self-esteem and body image.

Spaces are limited, book your place with Hannah by Ph: 0403 324 974 or contact us.