Monthly Mindfulness Meditation Drop-in Classes

Monthly Drop-in Classes

Monthly Mindfulness Meditation Drop-in Classes, by donation, at 2 Percy St, Hamilton with Dr. Jennie Broughton

Monthly Practice Group 7-8.30pm 2 Percy St, Hamilton.  Mostly on Mondays in term 1 and 4, Wednesdays in term 2 and 3.

Each class will have mindfulness and compassion practices and practices of that help warm our hearts.

Monday 10th of feb – compassion

Monday 9th of march – gratitude

Wednesday 13th of may – forgiveness

Wednesday 10th june – kindness

Wednesday 8th of july – equanimity

Wednesday 5th of August – compassion

Wednesday 9th of September – gratitude

Monday 12th of October – forgiveness

Monday 2nd of November – kindness

Weds the 9th of December – equanimity

N.B Dates may change due to life, please check the week before and evening of the drop-in.

Open to past participants and those with some meditation experience, or if you want to be there.  These classes provide a chance to re-establish your practice, feel the support of sitting with a group and explore the practices of mindfulness and compassion. Each class will include practices, exploration of a theme and some discussion around practice in our daily lives. You are welcome to drop-in when it suits you.  Contact Jennie on 0431 928 152.