Hannah Perkins

img_3237_web.jpgMindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Facilitator
Mindful Schools Educator
Classical Hatha (500hr), Yin (240hr) and Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher
Level 1 Member Yoga Australia
Recipient of 5 and 14 Mindfulness Trainings
B. Design (Visual Communications)

*Please note Hannah will be on maternity leave from November 2019 – June 2020*

Hannah Perkins has been leading Mindfulness groups, courses and retreats since 2013 bringing warmth, practicality and her own life experiences to her teaching and facilitating.

In addition to teaching secular mindfulness programs and yoga classes through her business, Love This Moment, she is a qualified Mindful Educator through Mindful Schools and facilitates NESA accredited in-school programs for teachers and primary and adolescent students.

Hannah first discovered Mindfulness as an antidote to the stress of working with various environmental campaigns, later coming back to the incredible healing potential of the body-heart-mind connection when she received a cancer diagnosis at age 29. She has since used mindfulness and meditation to turn towards difficult bodily sensations and distressing thoughts, her daily practice supporting her to observe the changeable quality of body and mind and not get too attached to any of it. In 2015, Hannah was selected to be part of the world’s largest online Mindfulness Summit, a free online event with 31 of the world’s leading Mindfulness teachers, researchers and experts from around the world.

Listen to:
3 Minute Breathing Space
10 Minute Sitting Meditation: Awareness of Breath and Body
12 Minute Body Scan

30 Minute Talk – Navigating Uncertainty with Mindfulness
30 Minute Podcast – Meditation and Mindfulness

Hannah can be contacted on hannah@lovethismoment.com.au
Website: www.lovethismoment.com.au
Facebook and Instagram: @learningtolovethismoment

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